ANNUAL REPORT 2013 for the year ended March 31, 2013



Expanding Settlement Platforms

The Coiney smartphone settlement service

The Coiney smartphone settlement service

Credit card settlement accounts for approximately ¥34 trillion, or 12%, of Japan’s ¥278 trillion annual private final consumption spending, whereas cash accounts for 56%. Given this fact, Credit Saison is focusing not only on credit cards but also on measures to break the dominance of the cash market through expanding settlement platforms, which includes issuing prepaid cards and developing smartphone settlement services.

Since August 2011, in partnership with travel companies and universities, we have been strengthening efforts to acquire cardmembers for NEO Money, a prepaid card exclusively for overseas travelers on vacation, business, or study abroad programs, and we have begun working to expand the network of affiliated stores in Japan for China UnionPay, an international brand that operates an interbank settlement network in China.

In April 2013, we partnered with the major drug store chain cocokara fine Inc. to issue the COCOKARA CLUB CARD, Japan’s first Visa prepaid card that can be used at Visa affiliated merchants in Japan and overseas. The card also functions as a point card, so customers can accumulate points and use them to make purchases at Visa affiliated merchants around the world. The card serves as a new, more convenient way to shop at drug stores, where cash has been the dominant payment method.

We also introduced Coiney, a smartphone settlement service, through a business alliance with its developer Coiney, Inc. and began soliciting affiliated merchants in April 2013. We intend to strengthen our partnership with Coiney, further diversify the arenas where cards with smartphone-enhanced functionality are used, and continue working to expand the credit card settlement market.

By adding new settlement services, such as prepaid services, to our existing credit card offerings, we will establish a source of revenue from the cashless settlement market going forward.

Expanding Settlement Platforms chart

Strengthening the Fee-based Business Using the Internet

One of our strategic priorities is to make the Internet business a core business. As a result of our efforts to provide information to new cardmembers and encourage them to register as Internet members, the number of Internet members as of March 31, 2013 had increased by 23.0% over the previous year to 8.56 million. In addition, the number of members registered to view Web-based usage statements, which enable users to easily check their usage statements at any time over the Internet, increased by 36.1% to 4.75 million. is an online shopping network where Eikyufumetsu Points accrue with purchases, up to 20 times more than with regular purchases. The network has grown to more than 500 sites and 50,000 online shops in the roughly six and a half years since it was started and now boasts an annual transaction volume of approximately ¥50.0 billion. Last fiscal year, we worked to broaden our exposure in the mass media by increasing our visibility through television commercials and other promotional activities and to further increase the appeal of by expanding the range of services through which points can be accrued.

In fiscal 2013, we intend to convert from a shop-centered site to a site centered on appealing products, improve site usability, and strengthen business support for the site’s merchants.

With a view to capturing even more of the Internet market, where major growth is still expected going forward, we will reinforce Internet member services and bolster alliances with prominent Internet companies to expand our Internet business, including the point site and Eikyufumetsu Wallet service (online shopping with Eikyufumetsu points), and firmly establish a business model for fee-based businesses.

By combining our base of approximately 35 million cardmembers with our Internet business, we will work to create advertising and marketing that utilizes customer information gathered online, such as customer attributes, activity histories and purchase records.

Internet Membership

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