ANNUAL REPORT 2013 for the year ended March 31, 2013



Build the No. 1 System by Card Function on a Consolidated Basis

Initiatives for Increasing Card Issuances

In the credit business, tighter regulations under the Money Lending Business Act and Installment Sales Act have brought about changes in the earnings structure, and competition has intensified as the credit card industry has reorganized and industry outsiders have entered the market. The management environment surrounding the Credit Saison Group has grown more challenging as a result. In order to establish a foundation for medium-term growth under such conditions, Credit Saison and the joint ventures in the credit card business in which we have a stake intend to aggressively carry out promotions and further raise the appeal of our cards in an effort to be No. 1 in the industry in new cardmember acquisitions and transaction volume, and further increase our market share.

In particular, we are focusing on sales channels where high usage rates and profitability can be expected and stepping up new cardmember acquisition activities. To acquire new cardmembers for the Saison American Express Card and expand our base of premium cardmembers, we will develop new marketing channels through full-scale entry into corporate and occupational domains, including trading companies, and acquire new cardmembers by raising the appeal of our products through service alliances in various industries.

In addition, we will work in close coordination with our alliance partners in growth areas like communications, travel and shopping malls, where transaction volume has been increasing as the use of smartphones has become more widespread.

Efforts to acquire new cardmembers through online channels included opening a new online branch and bolstering marketing promotions, which resulted in 540,000 new cardmembers, an increase of 217% over the previous year. We intend to continue focusing on acquiring new cardmembers through our online channel as it allows us to promote cards with superior usage rates while keeping costs in check.

Active Efforts to Promote Use


In order to encourage greater use of Credit Saison cards, we will differentiate ourselves from other companies by adding appeal through better card services and other bonuses as a way to increase transaction volume. For example, we are running discount services that provides a 5% discount at PARCO and Seiyu stores and other discounts at affiliated retailers when customers use our cards, a double-your-points program, and a program that allows Eikyufumetsu Points to be exchanged for gift certificates at affiliated merchants.

In addition, in the previous fiscal year, we partnered with local department stores, specialty stores and other retailers in Ikebukuro, Sapporo and Fukuoka, as well as with other card companies, to run Regional Revitalization Campaigns aimed at promoting card use, increasing sales at local retailers and providing a boost to local economies.

The campaigns for Ikebukuro and Shibuya included a demonstration trial of online-to-offline, or O2O, services, which use the Internet to promote customer visits and spending at stores. We will leverage this experience in marketing activities going forward and are planning campaigns this year in major cities throughout the country, including Sendai and Hiroshima, as we carry out measures to stimulate consumption and raise the satisfaction levels of customers and merchants.

Issued Cards—Examples

Issued Cards—Examples

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