ANNUAL REPORT 2013 for the year ended March 31, 2013



(As of March 31, 2013)

Atrium Group

Atrium will specialize in its original two core businesses: short-term, high-turnover real estate liquidation for small- and medium-sized properties, and the special servicing business. It will also further refine and enhance the knowledge and skills that it has developed through its involvement in the real estate business.

Atrium produces value by regenerating real estate assets. We aim to build customer confidence and support by focusing on customer satisfaction and implementing effective compliance and corporate governance.

JPN Holdings

The JPN Group has JPN Holdings Co., Ltd. as a pure holding company. The Group’s subsidiaries are JPN COLLECTION SERVICE CO., LTD., which is involved in the servicing business, humanplus Corporation, which provides temporary staffing and telemarketing services, and KINDER NURSERY Co., Ltd., which operates a childcare service. The Group aims to be top in quality in each of its operations, pursuing services that will support customers’ business development by providing solutions to their issues.


Under SAISON’s Loan Hyakusen, Saison Fundex offers Saison Fundex VIP Loan Card, as well as the contract-type loan products Lifestyle Support Loans and Real Estate Mortgage Loans. The company is developing the guarantee business through business cooperation with various financial institutions to cover loans collateralized by real estate properties, and is also adding project finance operations for real estate developers. Saison Funding provides reliable products that have won support from many customers. Going forward, the company intends to further improve the quality of its services and to meet the funding needs of various customers.

Concerto Inc.

Concerto operates the amusement business, real estate rental business, and membership club management. “Concert Hall” is an amusement facility which contributes to local communities while combining spacious facilities with finely-tuned services. In the real estate leasing business, the company operates appealing, functional commercial facilities centered on THE PRIME. Through the members’ club uraku AOYAMA, the company will offer high quality services with a strong sense of hospitality, and create an elegant multi-purpose facility that will leave customers impressed.

Qubitous Co., Ltd.

Qubitous provides processing services in the areas of credit card application screening, monitoring, call center operation, and other processing operations, with a focus on credit services. The company engages in contracted processing for more than 80 client companies, primarily for Saison brand and UC brand credit cards.

The company will seek active expansion of its contracted processing business with the aim of being the No. 1 comprehensive processing company in both quality and quantity by providing high-quality services and attaining cost leadership.

Saison Information Systems Co., Ltd.

Saison Information Systems engages in systems construction and operation grounded in a wealth of business process expertise developed in fields such as finance and distribution. The company offers one-stop solutions including a payroll outsourcing service called Bulas and a communications middleware file transmission tool called HULFT.
Along with its group companies, including subsidiaries Fess Co., Ltd, APPRESSO K.K., and Shanghai-based Saison Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the company is working to offer highly valued services.

Entertainment Plus Inc.

Entertainment Plus Inc. operates an online ticketing service called “e+” for music concerts, theater, movies, sports and other entertainment, as well as “e+Coupon,” a coupon service for smartphones. The company is guided by its corporate philosophy of “constant innovation” in developing offerings for the topical entertainment market focused on new events, and will continue to develop its business going forward.

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