ANNUAL REPORT 2013 for the year ended March 31, 2013



1951 May Established as a retailer specializing in installment sales.
1968 Jun. Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1976 Mar. The Seibu Department Stores, Ltd. and the Company established a shareholding relationship, develop a consumer credit system for the Saison Group.
1980 Aug. The Company's name was changed from Midoriya Department Stores to Seibu Credit Co., Ltd.
1982 Aug. Credit Saison began to build a nationwide network of Saison Counters to process Seibu Card issues, and to install automated cash dispensers.
Started the lease business.
1983 Mar. Seibu Card name changed to SAISON CARD.
1985 May. Started credit guarantee business.
1988 Jul. Developed an international credit card with no membership fees through a tie-up with Visa and MasterCard.
1989 Oct. Company name changed from Seibu Credit Co., Ltd. to Credit Saison Co., Ltd.
1991 Jan. Affinity card business started.
1992 Apr. Credit Saison began to issue Saison Postal Savings Cards, the first cards in Japan to support signature-less transactions (in Seiyu food outlets).
1995 Jun. Saison JCB Card issued in cooperation with JCB Co., Ltd.
1997 Oct. SAISON American Express® Card issued through an affiliation with AMERICAN EXPRESS®.
1999 Sep. Two combined credit/cash cards issued with regional banks, Shogin Saison cards and Suruga Saison card.
2000 Aug. Net Answer, a web site for cardmembers, started.
2001 Mar. Nominated for inclusion in the Nikkei Stock Average (Nikkei 225).
Nov. Supporting company contract for the Japan national soccer team concluded.
2002 Feb. Shares of Saison Life Insurance Co., Ltd. transferred to GE Edison Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (currently Gibraltar Life Insurance Co., Ltd.)
Eikyufumetsu Points, or SAISON Permanent Points in English, started.
Eikyufumetsu Points
2003 Jan. Began using SAISON CARD EXPRESS for speedy online card issuance.
Aug. Agreement reached on a comprehensive alliance with the card division of Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. (Idemitsu Card mydoplus issued in April 2004).
Sep. Super Value Plus, an insurance product exclusively for cardmembers, issued through a business alliance between Credit Saison, Saison Automobile and Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. and Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
2004 Feb. Decision made to form a strategic equity and business tie-up with Resona Holdings, Inc. (Resona Card+S (Resona Card SAISON) was issued in October 2004).
Apr. Basic agreement reached with Takashimaya Company, Limited on a strategic alliance in the credit card business. (TAKASHIMAYA Saison Card issued in September 2004).
Aug. Basic agreement on forming a strategic alliance in the credit card business concluded with the Mizuho Financial Group, Inc., Mizuho Bank, Ltd. and UC CARD Co., Ltd.
2005 Apr. New credit center Ubiquitous started operation.
New credit center Ubiquitous
Mizuho Mileage Club Card Saison issued.
Oct. Saison Platinum American Express Card issued.
Dec. Credit Saison acquired additional shares of Resona Card Co., Ltd., making this company an equity-method affiliate.
2006 Jan. Credit Saison merged with UC Card Co., Ltd.
(card issuance business).
Mar. New loan product, Saison Card Loan, issued.
Jun. Comprehensive alliance formed with Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. in the credit card business
(Yamada LABI Card launched in July of the same year).
Jul. Agreements to form a business alliance with The Shizuoka Bank, Ltd.
(Shizugin Saison Card Co., Ltd. established in October 2006 and ALL-S Card issued in April 2007).
Oct./Nov. points exchange website launched.
JPN COLLECTION SERVICE CO., LTD. listed on the Hercules Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
Shareholder agreement signed with Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. and joint venture established
(Heart One Card issued in May 2007).
2007 Mar. Saison Asset Management Co., Ltd. launched own investment trusts.
Agreement for comprehensive alliance with Yamaguchi Financial Group, Inc.
(YM Saison Card issued in October 2007).
Jun./Jul. Maximum interest rate for cash advances reduced to 18%.
Oct. Established Qubitous Co., Ltd., the industry's first comprehensive processing service specialist.
(Qubitous was made a consolidated subsidiary in April 2008).
Integrated SAISON and UC point services (applied SAISON Permanent Points to the UC Card point system).
2008 Jun. Rental business launched (commencement of home appliance rental in an alliance with Yamada Denki).
Sep. Absorbed LAWSON CS Card, Inc. by merger.
Oct. Launched new credit operation center “Kansai Ubiquitous.”
2009 Mar. Started handling Flat 35 loans.
Apr. Began to accept applications for Mitsui Shopping Park Card Saison.
2010 Mar. Basic agreement reached on comprehensive business alliance with SEVEN & i FINANCIAL GROUP CO., LTD.
(Apr. 2011, Sogo & Seibu Card business was split off into a new joint venture).
Apr. Started operation of Akagi Nature Park.
Jun. Strengthened alliance with AMERICAN EXPRESS®.
Sep. Formed partnership with Walmart Japan Holdings G.K., and began to accept applications for Walmart Card Saison.
2011 Jul. Issued the NEO Money international prepaid card targeting Japanese residents traveling outside Japan.

Tie-up with China UnionPay for affiliated store operations in Japan.UnionPay

Enabled use of Eikyufumetsu points for net shopping.
2012 Apr. Started handling “Flat 35 Plus” mortgage loan packages.
Jun. Established a representative office in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Aug. Conducted O2O demonstration trial in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.
2013 Jan. Started handling Saison Asset Formation Loans , a loan product for purchasing condominiums for investment.
Apr. Established local subsidiary in Vietnam to conduct consulting business.
Issued COCOKARA CLUB CARD, Japan’s first Visa prepaid card usable at real stores.
Entered alliance with Coiney, Inc. on smartphone settlements.
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