ANNUAL REPORT 2012 for the year ended March 31, 2012

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Our vision is to become a leading-edge service company. Under a framework in which we regard our customers, business partners, employees and society at large as our stakeholders, we aim to fulfill our social responsibilities, deemed vital to our management philosophy, by providing returns to our shareholders through activities that satisfy customers, based on mutual respect for our interests and those of our business partners, and instill shared ideals and goals in our employees. We will also build a reputation for reliability by adapting flexibly to a changing business environment, and ensuring regulatory compliance in all business activities.

The Credit Saison Approach to CSR

Our concept of CSR is not limited simply to regulatory compliance and the creation of profit. We believe that CSR also means responding to the needs of citizens, communities and society, and developing business methods and activities that meet and surpass these needs. This concept guides our CSR activities, which are based on three perspectives:

(1) Activities that are essential to our corporate survival and the interests of our customers, employees,
   shareholders and stakeholders

Our corporate mission is to conduct our business activities in a sound, appropriate and timely manner. Through continual effort, we will improve management transparency and strengthen the systems used to monitor the achievement of management targets.

(2) Activities that contribute to society and the fulfillment of our responsibilities through our core business
   activities in the areas of credit cards and financing

In addition to being convenient, credit cards drive economic activity as extremely effective tools for settlements. Our priority is to prevent excessive use leading to heavy indebtedness, while ensuring that credit cards help to enrich the lives of our customers and contribute to economic development. As a finance company, we are entrusted with personal credit information. We carefully manage this information in accordance with the Private Information Protection Law, and use it to prevent excessive indebtedness through the prudent provision of credit and appropriate monitoring after credit is provided.

■ Appropriate management of personal information

We manage personal information in accordance with laws, regulations and other requirements, including guidelines and industry rules. We have established internal corporate rules, and give our employees training in ethics. Our efforts to raise awareness of information management include the use of the "private information manager" qualification established by the Japan Consumer Credit Industry Association. This qualification is now basically compulsory for employees who handle personal information. Security measures have also been strengthened, with the use of leased lines, limited access authorization, encryption, and restricted access to data terminals.

In May 2006, Credit Saison was authorized to use the Privacy Mark, a certification given to businesses with appropriate systems for handling personal information. Since then, we have continued our efforts to maintain and enhance the protection level of personal information.

■ Preventing excessive indebtedness

We recognize the risks of credit cards and strive to prevent excessive borrowing by monitoring borrowers' credit status after loans have been issued. Assistance for customers includes changes to contract terms and repayment amounts.

(3) Activities that contribute to society in ways that are unique to Credit Saison

Tens of thousands of people, including our employees and their families, depend on the Credit Saison Group. We recognize our responsibilities as an employer and work constructively to resolve any employment issues.

As a distribution sector credit card company, we aim to use our business activities to provide services exceeding customer expectations in attention to detail and contribution to society.

■ Resolving employment issues

Credit Saison aims to provide amenable working environments for all employees, regardless of age or gender. We have made several workplace improvements in response to changes caused by Japan's falling birthrate and aging population. These include systems to help enable female employees to continue working after marriage and childbirth, as well as more flexibility for employees caring for older relatives. We also actively employ retirees.

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