ANNUAL REPORT 2011 for the year ended March 31, 2011

The Strengths of Credit Saison

In the credit card industry, it's no exaggeration to say that many of the new services we have come to take for granted in Japan were pioneered by Credit Saison. The source of innovation for these new services has always been our desire to create customer satisfaction as a leading-edge service company. Amid harsher conditions in the Japanese credit industry due to the December 2006 revisions to the legislation governing money-lending businesses, Credit Saison has continued to focus on providing innovative and differentiated services for customers and business partners. Moreover, Credit Saison promotes its business by collaborating with leading companies in their fields. We provide our partners with retail credit card know-how which helps to enhance their customer services and expand their sales. Combining the experience and wisdom of our partners with our own generates exciting chemical reactions. It produces the kind of innovation that has made Credit Saison the credit industry leader.

Innovative Services Pioneered by Credit Saison

  • 1982: First cards issued with no annual fee
  • 1982: Instant credit screening and card issuance
  • 1991: Introduced OCR-processed card applications
  • 1992: Signature-less settlement introduced
  • 1997: Cards issued with 4 international brands
  • 2002: Eikyufumetsu Points (Points that never expire) program started
  • 2006: The online shopping mall opened
  • 2010: Cards issued with new American Express centurion design

Using Neutrality as Advantage in Collaborative Management

Using Neutrality as Advantage in Collaborative Management

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