ANNUAL REPORT 2011 for the year ended March 31, 2011

Strategic Priorities

Environmental Protection and Social Contribution Activities

Addressing Environmental Issues

Credit Saison is working to reduce paper consumption and increase the use of recycled materials in its credit card operations. This includes using eco-friendly materials for the statements and other printed materials sent to customers, and encouraging customers to use electronic statements or Internet-based services.

As part of in-house initiatives to help combat global warming, Credit Saison has promoted the Japanese government's "Cool Biz" program as well as measures to save electricity, reduce paper usage and ensure complete recycling of waste throughout office operations.

Supporting Social Contribution Activities Through Card Usage

Our customers can participate in social contribution activities with their cards. For example, points earned through cards use can be used to make donations to charities, including the World Terakoya Movement of the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan, guide dog training by the Japan Guide Dog Association, and activities to support protection and education of children by the Japan Committee for UNICEF.

Activities for Passing Nature's Bounty on to the Next Generation

In 2009 Credit Saison bought and became the operator of Akagi Nature Park, an expansive forest preserve of about 120 hectares on the southwest foothills of Mount Akagi in Gunma Prefecture. The park is a reclaimed forest that was once a man-made secondary growth of haphazardly planted pine. The forest was reclaimed over the course of more than 20 years, taking pains to select flora for restoring the primal beauty of nature. Restoration took place under a policy of establishing a nurturing environment for flowers to grow, rather than planting a garden. Today the park is home to a variety of insects, animals, wild flowers and trees, including rare plants. It is a great place to encounter the beauty of Japan's four seasons firsthand.

The park operated for 152 days and attracted about 24,000 visitors in the first year under Credit Saison's management in fiscal 2010. Through various programs including guided tours of the grounds and nature observation events, we offered park visitors the opportunity to appreciate the wonder of nature and the importance of environmental conservation.

Credit Saison operates Akagi Nature Park in the hope of providing children a chance to visit and enjoy the wonder of nature firsthand; an increasingly rare opportunity in today's modern world. We hope that through this we can contribute in a small way to passing on the abundant natural treasures of Japan to future generations. With the help of other companies who support our efforts, we look to continue our patronage of this activity on a long-term basis.

Akagi Nature Park Profile

Area: About 120 hectares, of which about 60 hectares is open to the public.
Elevation: 600 to 700m

Plants and Animals found in Akagi Nature Park

Animals: 1,810 species of insects, 77 species of birds and 15 species of mammals.
Plants: 152 species of trees and 510 species of grasses

The following companies support our activities to preserve nature at Akagi Nature Park.
(As of August 31, 2011)

Support of Sports and Cultural Activities

Credit Saison is also passionately involved in social contribution through its support of sports and cultural activities. In sports, we have been a supporting company and corporate sponsor of the various Japanese national soccer teams, including the Nadeshiko Japan Women's National Team, who made history by winning the 2011 Women's World Cup in July, and the Samurai Blue Men's National Team.
In cultural activities, we are a corporate sponsor of the musical career of Jose Carreras, an opera singer and one of The Three Tenors famous throughout the world, as well as a corporate endorser of and donor to the Jose Carreras Leukemia Foundation.

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