ANNUAL REPORT 2011 for the year ended March 31, 2011

Board of Directors and Auditors

(As of June 30, 2011)

  • Hiroshi Rinno

    Hiroshi Rinno

    President and CEO

    Head of Audit Office and Credit Card Division

  • Teruyuki Maekawa

    Teruyuki Maekawa

    Executive Vice President

    Head of Public Relations Office, Treasury & Account Dept., General Affairs Dept., Human Resources Dept. and System Planning Dept.

  • Naoki Takahashi

    Naoki Takahashi

    Senior Managing Director

    Head of Corporate Planning Dept., Strategic Investment Dept. and Internet Business Division

  • Haruhisa Kaneko

    Haruhisa Kaneko

    Managing Director

    Head of Overseas Development Dept. and Sales Development Division

  • Takayoshi Yamaji

    Takayoshi Yamaji

    Managing Director

    Head of Customer Satisfaction Promotion Office and Credit Division
    General Manager, Credit Division

  • Hiroshi Yamamoto

    Hiroshi Yamamoto

    Managing Director

    Head of Compliance Dept. and Finance Division General Manager, Finance Division

  • Junji Kakusho

    Junji Kakusho


    General Manager, Business Planning Dept. and Internet Business Division

  • Masahiro Yamashita

    Masahiro Yamashita


    General Manager, Credit Card Division

  • Kazuhiro Hirase

    Kazuhiro Hirase


    T&E/Service Business Dept. and Leasing & Rental Business Dept.

  • Sadamu Shimizu

    Sadamu Shimizu


    General Manager, Sales Development Division

  • Akihiro Matsuda

    Akihiro Matsuda


    Card Finance Dept.

  • Teruhisa Aoyama

    Teruhisa Aoyama


    General Manager, Treasury & Account Dept.

  • Yoshihisa Yamamoto

    Yoshihisa Yamamoto


    General Manager, System Planning Dept.

  • Tatsunari Okamoto

    Tatsunari Okamoto


    Retail Business Dept. No. 1, Retail Business Dept. No. 2 and Financial & Corporate Business Dept.

  • Masaru Sakurai

    Masaru Sakurai

    Standing Auditor (External)

  • Yoshitaka Murakami

    Yoshitaka Murakami

    Standing Auditor (External)

  • Atsushi Toki

    Atsushi Toki

    Auditor (External)

  • Yoshiro Yamamoto

    Yoshiro Yamamoto


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