ANNUAL REPORT 2011 for the year ended March 31, 2011

Breaking the dominance of the cash market to be the no.1 company in the cashless settlement market The Strengths of Credit Saison

To Our Stakeholders The Japanese credit industry is currently experiencing a challenging business environment due to various regulatory changes, including the revision of the Money-lending Business Control and Regulation law, and the Installment Sales law. In the face of these challenges, Credit Saison is harnessing its customer base of 35.7 million people, network of alliances spanning a wealth of industries, and innovative products and services, and combining these advantages to create a unique and powerful strategy called "Collaborative Management." By executing this strategy, we are determined to become No. 1 in the cashless settlement market.Hiroshi rinno  President and Ceo  Head of Audit office and Credit Card division

  • Six-Year Summary of Selected Financial Data

  • Business Portfolio

  • Review of Operations

    the credit industry experienced a severe business environment in the fiscal year ended march 31, 2011. Amid continued...

  • Strategic Priorities


    in 1997, we launched the saison American express Card, which added new brand status to the familiar saison...

  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

    Akagi Nature Park

    In 2009 Credit Saison bought and became the operator of Akagi nature Park,..

    • Akagi Nature Park-ph1
    • Akagi Nature Park-ph2
    • Akagi Nature Park-ph3
    • Akagi Nature Park-ph4
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